Prof. (Dr.) B. Banerjee

Prof. (Dr.) B. Banerjee
Principal, RSET

Dear Students,

Welcome to Royal Knowledge Park and to the world of engineering education at Royal School of Engineering & Technology (RSET).

This is your first step towards ‘Success’, – a seven letter word that everyone strives for, but a few achieve. It is a mark up the ladder of glory that has no limit; only your attitude determines what altitude you attain.

Dear aspiring engineers, I want you to be ‘engineer by knowledge’ and not simply by earning a certificate in print. Engineering is there in everybody, but not every B.E./ B.Tech. degree holder is an engineer in its true sense. While the concepts and theories of basic science remain same over the years, their applications, I mean the technologies, change rapidly.

An engineer has to adapt to the latest developments and think of continuous betterment. That is innovation. Feather pen, telegram, cheque book etc. are things of yesteryears. Instead, ballpen, SMS, ATM and other new things have taken over. Forget a computer; even calculators were not there when I graduated in Engineering. We used a scale-like, twelve inches by two inches, non-electric device called ‘Slide Rule’ to carry out all those lengthy and complicated calculations. No button, no display; it had a plastic body that required both hands for its operation.

And today, a computer is a child’s play. The world of information is on his lap, on his desk. What a glorious changeover! He has only to click the right option to script his success.

However, every success story follows certain ethics. Yours can’t be otherwise. You have to devote fully to studies; be regular in attendance, confident of what you attempt to do and honest in approach to life. It’s foolish to fall short of attendance at the end of a semester. You are here to attend your classes, listen to your teachers, learn your lessons and shine in glory in exchange of the best of education that we promise you to provide with.

Let’s vow not to deviate from the goal. All will be well then.

Best of Luck.

Prof. (Dr.) B. Banerjee

B.E. (Mechanical) (Dibrugarh University); M.Tech (Mechanical) (I.I.T., Madras); Ph.D (I.I.T., Madras); Experience: Academic - 35 years; Research - 3 years, Retd. Professor Mechanical Engineering from Assam Engineering College; was a member of the syllabus committee of Gauhati University, accreditation committee of AICTE and others. Publications - 6 (international & national).